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WONDCARD Dubai First With Diamente and UV

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Mastercard Visa Elo Hypercard American Express Diners Club

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Mastercard Visa Elo Hypercard American Express Diners Club


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Transform your transactions into a premium experience! Discover the power of our customizable metal card, where sophistication and exclusivity meet. Customize it to suit your style, whether with real numbering for authenticity or dummy numbering for an extra layer of security. Redefine the way you pay and elevate your financial presence. Don't miss the chance to own the card that truly reflects your lifestyle!

Important : After completing the purchase and confirming payment, one of our designers will contact you via WhatsApp to develop the art for your metal card.

Compatibility: Metal card compatible with all types of bank cards.

Size: 85mm x 54mm
Thickness: 0.7mm
Weight: ~25-30g

Metal Card:
Black color with gold background

Recording Type:
Laser permanently etched into metal
Details with colorful UV printing

Recording Location:
Fully customizable front and back
Details with colored UV printing on the front only

Stone Type:
Diamond 3.5pts (2.00 to 2.10mm)

Production time:
15 working days from preliminary approval

Card Operation:
Only via CHIP
No approach (Contactless)

Please note: You will need to provide a plastic card, from which the chip will be removed and pasted onto the Metal Card to make it functional. We will send the personalized Metal Card, accompanied by a manual that explains in detail how to transfer the chip.



Is my card compatible?
We can personalize all plastic cards that have the mini chip. There are some types of cards with rare chips that are not compatible with our cards – see the image below for unsupported chips. If you order with an unsupported SIM card, we will not be able to offer refunds; You will need to provide a compatible card.




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